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At the heart of The Good Looks Foundation Global is an unyielding commitment to fostering positive change and growth worldwide. Our global outreach emerges from the belief that a united front is imperative for making a lasting difference in the lives of vulnerable populations across continents.

In our pursuit to effectuate meaningful impact, The Good Looks Foundation Global meticulously collaborates with organizations that exemplify three core values:

  • Direct Impact and Transparency: It is essential that the organizations' endeavors have a direct, measurable benefit for the communities they serve. We stand by the ethos of transparency, ensuring that all actions are visible and accountable.
  • Autonomy from Government and Religious Affiliation: To maintain impartiality and ensure that aid reaches those who need it most without prejudice, we only collaborate with organizations that are free from governmental and religious affiliations.
  • Optimal Allocation of Resources: We believe in the power of unalloyed giving. For this reason, it is vital that administrative costs are kept to a bare minimum, enabling the entirety of donated funds to be channeled towards the intended causes.
The Good Looks Foundation Global does not bind itself to a singular cause. We recognize the diverse tapestry of humanitarian challenges that lace the globe. Our adaptability and dynamism allow us to address an array of causes, regardless of their scale.

Guided by principles of equitability, flexibility, and transparency, The Good Looks Foundation Global is unrelenting in its quest to weave a global network of support for those in need.

Together, we can build bridges, empower communities, and change lives. Join us on this journey of transformation.


The Good Looks Foundation team consists of individuals who are looking to use their collective knowledge, influence and resources to do their part in aiding those in need. Our team is always looking to work with new partners in exciting, innovative ways. If you are interested in working with our team, please use the form below to contact us.

Andrew Titley

Co-Executive Director of Lighthouse Network Management

Educated in various countries including Egypt, Ethiopia, and the UK, he was admitted as an Associate of the Institute of Certified Management Accountants in 1981 and became a Fellow of the Institute in 1989. Andy’s Experience includes being a Trainee Accountant with an international packing and crating Company; Accountant with Cunard Steamship with responsibilities for fleet accounting; various senior financial positions within the P&O Container Company (formerly OCL) including responsibility for the Southampton Terminal and the SW Region of the UK; Revenue Controller of Pandair Freight, Inc. from 1984 to 1986; Controller, Treasurer, Senior Vice-President, Company Secretary and CFO of Amerford International Company (a NASDAQ Company) from 1988 through 1991 when he co-founded Albion International Services, Inc. Andrew is the father of 3 sons, speaks several languages and currently resides in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand. click here to see more

Trevor Titley

Co-Executive Director of Lighthouse Network Management & CEO of Five Star Logistics Network (5-SLN)

Educated on Long Island, New York, Trevor is a graduate in communication studies from the University of Buffalo. He owns and manages several New York based companies with a focus on Event Organization and Promotion and has been mentioned in the Time Magazine, Huffington Post and other renowned media organizations. He worked as an intern with 2 leading freight networks with a special emphasis on their conference organization before establishing 5-SLN. Trevor is an avid traveler, golfer and networker both socially and professionally. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY, USA click here to see more

Ernst Van Der Heijden

Executive Director of Global Logistics Network (GLN)

As an experienced logistics professional with a demonstrated history in the logistics and supply chain industry, he has worked in freight forwarding for over 30 years. In that time, he has become skilled in Negotiation, Import, Operations Management, Freight, and Ocean Transportation. He is a strong business development professional who graduated from HTS who is fluent in several languages. In utilizing his experience in freight forwarding, he has proven himself to be an incredible Network Executive by having a true understanding of the needs of logistics organizations. Ernst is the father of 4 children, a passionate sailor and world traveler who currently resides in The Netherlands click here to see more

Anthony Calagna

Anthony Calagna


A born-and-bred New Yorker, Anthony is a graduate of the University at Buffalo’s School of Management. Owner and manager of several businesses, he has spent nearly a decade in Event Production and Marketing/Promotion. Anthony has always strongly valued volunteer and charitable endeavors since he was a child and through his companies has helped raise donations for charitable organizations with missions that range from hurricane relief to reproductive rights/healthcare to the building of schools in impoverished nations. He believes two things; that we should always give back when we can to help those who need it most and we should never forget where we came from. You can find him traveling exotic and domestic locales, shredding the ski slopes, hanging with friends across the country or whipping up some delicious meals in his kitchen. Anthony currently resides on Long Island, NY. click here to see more

Albert Wierda

Executive Director of Global Logistics Summit Network (GLSN)

Albert joined the Lighthouse Management Team in 2021, bringing his expertise to lead Global Logistics Summit Network (GLSN) into the future. As an accomplished forwarder & logistics consultant with over a decade of experience, he understands the importance of building and maintaining a solid international business network. More importantly, Albert understands the need to prepare for the future and the importance of constantly developing new business across the globe. With his unique strategic vision for that future, a flexible nature and his forward thinking, can-do attitude, Albert has set him apart from the pack and will propel GLSN to be one of the greater networks out there! click here to see more

Michael Evan Yedin, Esq.

Michael Evan Yedin, Esq.

Founder/CEO of Michael Yedin Law, PLLC and Member Relations & Conference Support at 5 Star Logistics Network.

A New York native through and through, Michael’s journey is imbued with the vibrant spirit and tenacity that only a true Brooklynite can boast. Michael is a seasoned attorney whose career spans over a decade within multiple areas of law. His legal acumen is only rivaled by his unyielding commitment to the community. Michael's flair for events and media is not just a passion; it’s a craft he has honed to perfection. With a keen eye for organizing, storytelling and engagement, he has been instrumental in lending his expertise to numerous fundraisers and media projects, demonstrating a unique ability to galvanize support and resources. His dedication for optimizing gatherings and bringing changemakers together has been a catalyst for numerous successful fundraising campaigns. Helping develop 5-SLN since its inception, Michael is a steadfast supporter of the freight forwarding network for nearly a decade. With his multifaceted expertise, Michael Yedin is a treasure trove of knowledge and experience. His presence on our board is not just an asset; it is an embodiment of dedication, community spirit, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Michael currently resides in New York City. click here to see more

Jay Rogovin

Jay Rogovin

Chief Advisor

After spending the early part of his career cutting his teeth as an independent in the New York City underground, Rogovin launched C3 Management’s Manhattan branch in 2013, and has spent the better part of a decade working alongside some of the brightest minds in entertainment. A prominent voice in the electronic music space with over 15 years of experience managing creatives, developing brands, and producing live events, Rogovin now sets his sights on redefining the antiquated artist management model with his company Kompass Music Group. click here to see more

Featured Partners

The Good Looks Foundation’s global wing would not be possible without the support of the following companies, who through their efforts, expertise and contributions have helped GLF support some of the most vulnerable populations around the world:

A high quality logistics network that is monitored through on-going partner-on-partner endorsement.

GLSN offers attendance at a well-organized, Bi-Annual Summit INCLUSIVE of being a member of a well-functioning network with full website capabilities.

Founded in 2003, Global Logistics Network (GLN) is an umbrella organization that encompasses leading independently owned and operated companies worldwide that specialize in the logistics industry – including freight forwarders, transportation intermediaries and associated companies – all working together in a network environment to benefit from our “Power of One” here to see more
WLN is your gateway and platform for global coverage and increased business. Companies join WLN to increase their sales and global reach. Our mission has always been to connect members with reliable partners that share their business. We encourage and promote companies to work with each other in sales, and to reciprocate their business in both directions. Connect today and work with partners you can trust that have the right credentials to deliver. Only qualified companies are accepted as Premium Members of – WLN -World Logistics Network. click here to see more

Current Project:

2024 Fundraising Goals:

  • Global Goal: USD $50,000
Our Impact
  • First Project: Completed library and office for previously built schools.
  • Second Project: Empowering People in the Community ("EPIC") Program (details below)
The EPIC Program
This initiative goes beyond our schools and focuses on two (2) key areas:
  • Professional Teacher Training: We directly contribute funds to teacher certification, training, and education programs. This ensures our teachers are well-equipped to provide effective and engaging learning experiences for our students.
  • Community Engagement: GLF strengthens student well-being by fostering connections between students, teachers, and families. We achieve this by:
    • Organizing events like art shows, sports competitions, cultural celebrations, and holiday events.
    • Facilitating parent-teacher conferences.
    • Offering enrichment activities to strengthen bonds within the school community.
  • Scholarship Program: We are establishing scholarships for deserving students. This will include both need-based and academic merit scholarships.
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Earthquake Relief in Turkey

In the wake of the earthquake in Turkey, 5 Star Logistics Network, in collaboration with AGL of Turkey and the Good Looks Foundation, took decisive action to provide substantial assistance to the affected regions. The network's members, driven by their compassion and sense of solidarity, purchased and donated five container shelters to offer immediate relief to Turkey's earthquake victims. These shelters provided crucial temporary housing solutions for the tens of thousands of people displaced by the disaster. By addressing the urgent need for shelter, the network demonstrated its commitment to helping communities rebuild and recover. This initiative not only showcased the network's ability to mobilize resources swiftly but also highlighted its dedication to providing practical and tangible support to those facing the aftermath of natural disasters.

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Education Support in Uganda

A heartwarming initiative was undertaken by 5 Star Logistics Network, Good Looks Foundation Global, and Colin of RA Logistics to support the education of two deserving children in Uganda. Through their combined efforts, the network provided these young learners, David and Doreen, with not just access to education but also the necessary tools to thrive academically. This support included providing school bags, books, pens, pencils, uniforms, shoes, and other essential stationery. Moreover, a portion of the funds was allocated to ensure they receive nutritious meals and healthcare support, fostering a holistic environment for their growth and development. By offering educational opportunities and empowering these children with the necessary resources, the network showcased its dedication to fostering a brighter future for individuals, thereby transforming lives and communities.

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Maui Wildfires Relief During the tragic Maui wildfires

5 Star Logistics Network, in collaboration with the Good Looks Foundation, demonstrated its unwavering commitment to supporting affected communities. The network's members contributed generously, enabling a donation of $1,500 USD to provide immediate relief for Maui's wildfire victims. This financial aid was instrumental in alleviating the burdens faced by thousands of people affected by the devastating wildfires. The collective effort of 5-SLN members not only showcased their generosity but also exemplified the network's sense of responsibility towards global crises. By swiftly responding to urgent needs, the network demonstrated its ability to make a meaningful impact during emergencies, reinforcing its position as a compassionate and proactive global community.

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Morocco Earthquake Relief Fund

In response to the devastating Morocco earthquake, 5 Star Logistics Network, in partnership with the Good Looks Foundation Global, swiftly took action by contributing substantial funds to GlobalGiving's Morocco Earthquake Relief Fund. This significant contribution played a crucial role in providing immediate aid to the affected communities. The funds were utilized to supply emergency shelter, nutritious food, essential medical supplies, and crucial assistance, aiding the affected individuals as they rebuild their lives after the disaster. The joint effort demonstrated the compassion and proactive approach of 5-SLN and its partners in times of crisis, showcasing their commitment to making a real and tangible difference in the lives of those in need.

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Previous Donations & Projects

The Good Looks Foundation, guided by the ideals of our organization, seeks out the charity organizations and partners to make donations to that are impactful, sustainable, and transparent in every facet of their operations. In the spirit of the same transparency we look for in our partners, provided below is a list of the different reputable charity organizations we have made contributions to in the past. We are proud of each cause we champion, no matter the scale!

Past / Ongoing Projects

2021 – Five Schoolroom Project

In its mission to reach some of the most vulnerable populace, The Good Looks Foundation has continued its work with an incredible individual, Mr. Wath Saw, with its most recent project, the Five Schoolroom Project. Based in Cambodia, Wath has dedicated most of his adult life to a truly noble cause of which has impacted him, his friends, his family and all the people of his country for that matter; the (re)building of education in his home of Cambodia. The Good Looks Foundation, in league with Mr. Saw, has worked to fund the construction of five new schoolrooms in rural Cambodia over two hours from Siem Reap. These new facilities will serve hundreds of grateful students who likely would never have had the opportunity to receive an education prior. Having already reached its $35,000 goal, the project is fully funded and is already in process of construction. We are proud to be able to contribute an entire school to Wath’s amazing mission and look forward to its completion so that we can work to build the next one!

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2021 – GrassRoots Soccer

Good Looks Foundation is pleased to have made a generous donation to GrassRoots Soccer: This organization is an adolescent health organization that leverages the power of soccer to educate, inspire, and mobilize at-risk youth in developing countries to overcome their greatest health challenges, live healthier, more productive lives, and be agents for change in their communities.

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2021- Cambodian Food Drive

Good Looks Foundation is pleased to have supported the local community in Siam Reap that was suffering during the pandemic and shortages in food and the ability to pay for food for their families. We helped donate to over 1,000 families with enough food for over a month.

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Good Looks Foundation is pleased to have made a generous donation to GrassRoots Soccer: This organization is an adolescent health organization that leverages the power of soccer to educate, inspire, and mobilize at-risk youth in developing countries to overcome their greatest health challenges, live healthier, more productive lives, and be agents for change in their communities.

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2020 – World Central Kitchen
Good Looks Foundation is pleased to have made a generous donation to World Central Kitchen is a not-for-profit non-governmental organization devoted to providing meals in the wake of natural disasters. Founded in 2010 by celebrity chef José Andrés, the organization prepared food in Haiti following its devastating earthquake.
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2020 – The Natural Resources Defense Council Good Looks Foundation is pleased to have made a generous donation to The Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) is a full-time resource to help donors make more thoughtful disaster-related giving decisions and maximize the impact of their gifts. click here to see more
2020 – The Natural Resources Defense Council   Good Looks Foundation is pleased to have made a generous donation to NRDC – The Natural Resources Defense Council works to safeguard the earth – its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life here to see more
2020 – Essendon North Rotary Club of Australia
Good Looks Foundation is pleased to have made a generous donation to Essendon North Rotary Club – The group was recommended to us by Daniel Mott of Regroup Logistics in an effort to help with the devastating wildfires in Australia. Families in need were provided food vouchers and supporting the local community in these trying times.
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2019 – Orca Sound Projects
Good Looks Foundation is pleased to have made a generous donation to Orca Sound Project. Orca Sound Project is stepping up to the challenges the world faces in sustainability. We are a solutions platform for environmental issues with a current focus on ocean waste and recycling. Through creative eco innovation, working with material, communal and economic platforms with a focus on environmental values with a close eye on forward thinking opportunities to remodel our world.
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2019 – Moving Mountains
Good Looks Foundation is pleased to have made a generous donation to Moving Mountains – an international charity supporting disadvantaged children & communities in Kenya, Tanzania & Nepal by funding early child development programs and education costs from primary to college level.  Works closely with families and communities to provide a long term holistic help, promoting equality and empowerment allowing young people to achieve their dreams and move mountains.
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2018 – Connecticut Children’s Medical Center Foundation
Good Looks Foundation is pleased to have made a generous donation to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center Foundation whose mission is to support the Medical Center by bringing together patient families, donors, community members, philanthropic partners and others to raise the financial resources needed to invest in people, research, technology and state-of-the-art equipment for the care of children in need.
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2018 – We Bee Spelling
Good Looks Foundation is pleased to have made a generous donation to We Bee Spelling; an interactive spelling game show combining a concert, comedy show and spelling bee that has now raised over $450,000 for worthy causes.
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2018 – Cerebral Palsy Association
Good Looks Foundation is pleased to have made a generous donation to The Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County (CP Nassau); an independent, not-for-profit health agency serving over 1,500 children and adults with cerebral palsy, developmental and other disabilities.
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2018 – T.J. Martell Foundation
Good Looks Foundation is pleased to have made a generous donation to the T.J. Martell Foundation; the music industry’s leading foundation that funds innovative medical research focused on finding treatments and cures for cancer. The Foundation sources and supports early-stage translational research projects which otherwise might not be funded.
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2018 – National Brain Tumor Society
Good Looks Foundation is pleased to have made a donation to the National Brain Tumor Society.  The NBTS is fiercely committed to finding better treatments, and ultimately a cure, for people living with a brain tumor today and anyone who will be diagnosed tomorrow.
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2017 – Kids of Courage
Good Looks Foundation is pleased to have made a donation to Kids of Courage – a groundbreaking volunteer-centric organization, dedicated to the support of sick children and their families, day and night, 365 days a year. Founded in 2008, Kids of Courage is committed to change the way people look at illness, and open up a world of support, hope and opportunity for every sick child and family, no matter how serious the diagnosis is.
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2017 – No Kid Hungry Campaign Donation
Good Looks Foundation is pleased to have made a donation to the No Kid Hungry campaign.  Child hunger is a problem that threatens our children and our future.  We’re in danger of losing an entire generation of leaders, innovators and problem-solvers. The No Kid Hungry campaign connects kids in need with nutritious food and teaches their families how to cook healthy, affordable meals. The No Kid Hungry campaign also engages the public to make ending child hunger a priority.
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2017 – Hurricane Harvey Donation
On the heels of Hurricane Harvey, potentially the largest natural disaster in US history, 5-SLN has made a substancial donation to the American Red Cross.  It is estimated that over 100,000 houses have been flooded and 30,000+ residents are homeless……
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2017 – Donation to “ActionPlay”
Good Looks Foundation is pleased to have made a donation to Actionplay,  a NYC-based charity focused on outreach and education dedicated to providing children, teens, and adults on the autism spectrum and related conditions equal access to education, arts, and culture.  Actionplay is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum, their families, and the community at large.
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2017 – Donation to “Sweethearts on the Spectrum”
Good Looks Foundation is pleased to have made a donation to “Sweethearts on the Spectrum” which focuses on children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) – a neurological disorder that causes children to have significant delays in social and communication skills.  In recent years, the rise in autism rates prove that this condition has become an epidemic with sources claiming that 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with ASD. ASD is roughly 4 times more likely to occur in boys than in girls and “Sweethearts on the Spectrum” serves as an outlet for many young girls to connect with each other and work on those crucial socialization skills, while parents are able to meet others who share similar lifestyles.
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2017 – Donation to “World Water Day – 2017”
Good Looks Foundation is pleased to support “World Water Day – 2017” by making a donation to bring water filers to homes in Dabal, India.  Over 16,000 people in Dabal and surrounding villages along the Kali River currently have a single source of water that contains high concentrations of contaminants such as cadmium, lead and chromium.  These poisons and heavy metals lead to gastrointestinal and neurological diseases and cancers.  Our 5-SLN donation will provide reverse osmosis filters that safely removes these dangerous and life-threatening contaminants and yields safe drinking water.
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2017 – School Play Yard for children in Kanthararom, Sisakat Province, Thailand:
Good Looks Foundation was approached by a teacher at this school and agreed to donate a school Play Yard for the students.  This included several large pieces of play equipment, see-saw, slide, etc. that will provide fun for students for several decades to come.
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2016 – Recreational camps for people with severe disabilities in Guatemala:
Good Looks Foundation has made a significant donation to Viamistad; a non-profit organization focused on individuals with severe disabilities in Guatemala.  Every year, Viamistad brings people together at large recreational sleep-away camps where local volunteers live with and care for these isolated Guatemalans.
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2016 –  Village School in Cambodia:
Thanks to an introduction from Ruwan Premathilaka of Now365 LogisticsGood Looks Foundation will be supporting the building and furnishing of a school for students in village in rural Cambodia near Siam Reap. Ruwan has previously supported a similar project and has met with the volunteer who will manage the construction of this new school.As can be seen, students are currently being taught by a volunteer underneath a stilted house with little or no facilities other than make-shift planks for tables. This facility will be replaced with a stand-alone school on land that has been donated for this purpose by the villagers.As of April 2016, frantic efforts are being made to lay the foundation and get the main structure built before the start of the Rainy Season.  The existing school-room frequently gets flooded during this season that starts in May/June.As of June 2016, construction is well underway with the structure 90% complete.  Work is currently progressing with painting, installation of windows and doors, 20 desks and rest-room facilities.  A sump-well will be dug for water and some of the surrounding area will be fenced in for students to grow vegetables.Update:  June 13, 2016:  Flag Pole being installed.  Desks constructed and being sanded/polished.  Gate, pump well and toilets being worked on
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2015 – Providing Computer Room Facilities:
The Good Looks Foundation had the pleasure and honor to meet with the charismatic Father John B. Tamayo, a Salesian missionary-priest from the Philippines who has served the under-privileged in Thailand for the past 40-years. He is currently the Deputy Director of the Skills Development Centre for the Blind in Pakkred, Nonthaburi, Thailand and, 9-months ago, Father John established a specialized school for needy students which currently has 60 pupils who are not only being educated but also offered food and sustenance in a loving and non-dominational environment.  Based on our conversation and how 5-SLN can assist Father John with his noble and charitable endeavors, 5-SLN committed to providing computer room facilities to this school. We believe that this tangible donation will provide the greatest benefit to the students with their studies and development.  Please click here for the full story.
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2015 – Providing Earthquake Disaster Relief to Nepal:
The Good Looks Foundation matched 5-SLN member contributions and made a significant donation towards earthquake disaster relief in Nepal.  This was in response to the following message that was received from 5-SLN Member, Pawan Subedi, Globe Shipping & Logistics of Nepal:“As you know, the devastating earthquake has made many people die, many are injured.  A significant number of people have become homeless and have lost family members.  Most of people passing their current lives under tents without food and clean water.  As many foreign countries, organizations, offices and individuals are donating to the effected people, we would also like to generate some funds to them as they really in need of food and shelters.  Their small contribution to effected Nepalese people would mean a lot in this panic situation.  Collected amounts will be distributed through Prime Minister Relief Fund / VDC Offices / CDO offices / NGOs, / INGOs, & Individuals under the tents.”
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